2016 Chongqing real estate why can run smoothly and healthy

2016 years to say that we are most concerned about things, than the real estate market changes, whether it is a first tier cities or two or three line cities, prices have a big increase, but the Chongqing area is a column! In the central economic work conference held just pointed out that we should speed up the establishment of research in line with national conditions, to adapt to the basic principles of the market system and long-term mechanism. 2016, the national property market launched a battle to inventory, all localities and departments in the classification regulation, due to the implementation of the city policy ideas, the introduction of regulatory measures, the city’s real estate market differentiation.

in the ups and downs of the property market, Chongqing unique, not only no restriction, limited credit, in November the average price of commercial housing per square meter is only seven thousand yuan, or even lower than Lanzhou and Nanning. From both sides of supply and demand, hit the real estate regulatory combination punches, Chongqing real estate market is the key to stable and healthy operation.

is the house of Wu told reporters: Chongqing is also a trunk, and now prices are relatively low. The north of Guangzhou City Biao is too high, there is no way."

and Mr. Wu, many people feel the Chongqing real estate market is different. The reason, "land vote" and "affordable housing system," the implementation of Chongqing is the key to effectively control the irrational price rise.

from the beginning of 2008, Chongqing invented the ticket trading system: first, the rural idle land reclamation of arable land, the construction land development premise for priority protection in rural areas of their own indicators, balance part of market-oriented way of publicly traded.

Chongqing city mayor Huang Qifan

: "the farmer took the ticket to exchange like sell shares to sell it, sell the future commercial real estate business to buy tickets, can to land and bought tickets, bought tickets after the money exchange cash to 85% farmers, 15% cash to the collective organization, the real implementation of the big City rural central about nurturing."

Jiangjin Diao Jia Zhen Yan Ba Cun village Zhang Shiping is the city’s first batch of votetransaction farmers, family 1, 7 acres of land by land ticket transactions income about 200000 yuan, buy local centralized resettlement housing built with the money, the remaining 60 thousand yuan. In addition to the reclamation of arable land has a certain income, the family also through the reform of the household registration system, the farmers into the city.

Zhang Shiping: I (home) now has three people, I have a mother, my husband, her daughter has been married, and the three have bought a social security, social security to buy life there is a guarantee."

the ticket trading system, let Chongqing city construction land index formed a dual system, in addition to the national plan index, also recommended

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