Huge market for art matches

has never been replaced matches before, say to the fire, can not fail to mention the match, it has a long history of development, in the practical aspect is no ground for blame, with the development of the times, how to explore the new selling point to the cause of their success in the match, is a very desirable choice!

"we don’t match, we are selling fashion elements, nostalgia, the match is just a carrier we find."   Yang Huacheng said the phrase: in this new era of material wealth, choice, information explosion, nostalgia and retro also became a kind of business opportunities.

in the match before, Shen Zikai has his own advertising company. Further, he is a student of art design, dream like "Muji", "violent bear", "IKEA", "creative and design means, will be very ordinary things in life become interesting products".


franchise stores and dealers network spread, has brought more business for Shen Zikai. A number of customers who inadvertently entered the art store or purchased the product at the boutique turned into a new franchisee. A businessman in Taiwan, who was working with Shen Zikai recently, was talking about "innocence."

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