14 intimate advice to entrepreneurs

business to do business must have a number of prerequisites and should pay attention to the operation process of many large and small problems, careful operation to make money.

1, a clear intention of opening, not losing business

to determine their direction of management, which is to determine what kind of business, and then determine the direction of investment, then consider the scale of investment.

2, carefully select the store, do not blindly set up

3, pay attention to the working environment, can not casually

in the range of funds permit, as far as possible for themselves and their employees, to provide a comfortable environment, the new enterprise should have new, fresh clean working environment is the new performance.

4, establish a good business network, do not ignore interpersonal relationships

"at home by their parents, go out to rely on friends". This is particularly true of business, to establish a good interpersonal relationship and then start a business, it is easier to work twice as many times, reducing the risk.

5, keep up with the market trend, do not become a latecomer

6, identify customer objects, not for all consumers

7, do not blindly purchase

8, do not ignore the promotion strategy

9, do not borrow shame

modern business rules: the use of other people’s money to make money for themselves, the success of the operation is the use of bank loans to do their own business, Canny operator will hand the money, on the other hand, expand their scale of operation, reduce the cost, improve the rate of return submitted.

10, is not ready to fight without the recommendation

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