Bazhong increased the amount of entrepreneurial loans

actively respond to the call of the country, to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship, the majority of local governments, according to local characteristics, and resolutely encourage the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the development of innovation and entrepreneurship on the road, the most urgent is the lack of venture capital. So, the amount of venture capital in Bazhong increased by how much to support the majority of entrepreneurs?

this year, Bazhong small loans to Guarantee Corporation in accordance with the national policy, the loan guarantee by the amount of 2-5 million yuan to the highest 100 thousand yuan, labor-intensive enterprises and the re employment of laid-off workers, college students to provide financing support.

as of now, Bazhong city college students, graduate students, peasant entrepreneurship climax, involving services, catering, culture, retail, building decoration, social education, clothing industry more than and 20. By the college students, graduate students founded the individual industrial and commercial households, private enterprises has reached more than 200 households, providing jobs in more than and 500.

national entrepreneurship has become a distinctive sign of the times, more and more people are dissatisfied with the simple work, with little pay, not for their own life hard to choose one advantage of entrepreneurial projects, the achievement of their ideal wealth! The Bazhong City loan amount raised to 100 thousand yuan, greatly inspired the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs!

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