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inhibits lobular hyperplasia

promotes chest circulation

lobular hyperplasia of the breast, also known as breast hyperplasia, is the most common breast disease in women, accounting for 60% of all breast diseases, more common in women aged between 35 – 45. Disharmony of sexual life is an important inducing factor of lobular hyperplasia of mammary gland. At the same time, bad sexual life, women’s psychological pressure can not be released for a long time, resulting in endocrine disorders, the passage of time is also prone to breast lobular hyperplasia.

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A clinical study on

under normal circumstances, when the women into sexual excitement, breast congestion will increase; to reach orgasm, but also can increase about 1/4, and after sexual gratification, swelling and swelling of the natural subside. This cyclical change is conducive to promoting blood circulation within the breast. On the other hand, sex is not harmonious, it will inhibit the objective existence of the libido, breast persistent congestive swelling was not alleviated in pain and other discomfort.

reduces breast cancer risk

passion and harmonious sex life, in fact, there are many benefits of breast health.

of the Medical College of Wisconsin showed that in patients with breast cancer, the age of unmarried, widowed function is low, the proportion of females was significantly higher than other groups. This suggests that the risk of breast cancer is greatly increased in women who have no normal sex and sex. In this sense, maintaining a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women will be helpful.

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