What are the key points of senior clothing

how about senior clothing? Compared to the general clothing, entrepreneurial choice to join the senior fashion items, or very superior choice. So, for the better to join the entry of senior apparel business, we should pay attention to what requirements?

senior clothing to join with popular clothing of different starting point, it has more consumer groups, have a higher visibility, which means senior clothing to join in the management takes more thought, of course you careful management, it will also give you more.

As a luxury brand, the management of

‘s haute couture has its own characteristics and laws. For example, the senior clothing to join the distinction between long-term customers and non customers, safeguard the rights and interests of customers, for the upper class of women in the community to create a sense of superiority and distance, can not be confused with the public. By price, monopoly sales and transcendent aesthetic interest, set up obstacles to the casual visitor.

the dialectical relationship between internal and external is also reflected in the media. Strengthen the senior clothing to join the consumer brand awareness is much more important than the actual sales. Recognizing the huge gap between the number of brands and the actual number of consumers is precisely the key to the great charm of luxury goods. Popular clothing brand is the opposite: to expand awareness, encourage public consumption, rather than curb consumption. Because of this, Chanel a small earrings price up to 900 yuan, while the price is as high as 1000 yuan Hermes scarves or even thousands of yuan.

quality of life the first step, to choose to join the senior clothing? Quality projects, the best way to start, it is worth our choice! If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

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