What are the five main points

enterprise name is not good to do, this is a fact, if you want to play a suitable name, but also need to meet the relevant five points. So, what are the five main points of the enterprise name? And let Xiaobian for your detailed analysis.

a reasonable legal

for enterprises can not paste chaos contact, casual explanation. First of all, people have higher requirements of name and the name of the enterprise culture quality and relevant legal knowledge, if the enterprise’s name made jokes, like a painting deformation caricature for themselves, but for the enterprise do, do negative ads, name of common sense and the law back to people, will backfire.

two, in line with corporate philosophy

the name of the enterprise should be based on enterprises as the starting point, consistent with the purpose of business services, which helps shape the corporate image. The concept of enterprise business philosophy, business principles and spirit of the slogan to "corporate communication" means to be clarified, the origin is the corporate image positioning and communication, is also the center of the CI architecture, the spirit of enterprise slogan is MI specific symbol and performance, it is not an abstract dogma and an empty slogan, it should be not only has the flavor of the times and reflect the corporate personality, inspiring enough.

three, clear operating items

all of our business companies have a business plan and then plan how to operate, and then plan how to set up a unit. When named the company must be clear to the operation of the project, and the name must have relationship with business projects, not a "Shangri-La shoe company" brand in the shoe store, hair salon in a "bright hair salon". If it is operating glasses, it should focus on "light", "Ming" to the name, if the hair is a bit of a taste of the United States, the breath of youth.

four, determine the service object

enterprise products ready to sell what kind of person, who is the service object, it should be clear, is a man or a woman, is an adult or a child, is Chinese or foreigners, is in the service of high-grade or low-grade, etc.. If the male cannot make a "Eve Health Shop", if it is dedicated to migrant workers to eat, always can’t hang a "welcome restaurant" signs.

five, select the name of the

if you want to take a classical, traditional enterprise name, should choose to read about ancient Chinese books, such as "poetry", "Ya" and "song", "book of changes", "moral", "Han", "poetry", "song" and so on, such as these books there are many flash.

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