What are the most profitable projects this year

would like to start a friend who will certainly be interested in what the most profitable projects, and the following Xiaobian to see: what are the most profitable this year, it may be of interest to you.

wedding company

founded this wedding company, it caters to the current situation: the advantage of geographical location, the best is the political, cultural and economic extremely dense regions; beautifully designed, luxurious, service facilities and taste of the wedding hall; design for China contemporary young people are easy to accept the marriage ceremony program, services, recruitment, economic standard; training smart Mr. and Miss etiquette etiquette. The wedding company services as follows: camera and catering services; service; guest accommodation service and shuttle service; the bride and groom honeymoon travel service. Business can take the following steps:

the necessary advertising, so that the cause of the formation of popular, fashion or trend; and the marriage and marriage registration department to establish some relations of cooperation, in order to get information, send out the invitations; the bride and groom to fill out and sign business applications, as the bilateral cooperation agreement; selection of the auditorium and the wedding ceremony; wedding photo shoot before the wedding, makeup.


insect active protein known as new human nutrition food for twenty-first Century! Make the taste of fresh food Molitor, and high nutrition, it is made into nutritional health products, can improve human immunity, anti fatigue, anti-aging, reducing blood fat, cancer and other effects.


can be used as a fresh feed of rare rare birds, animal, aquaculture, and artificial breeding is the main feed. Frass of feed composition, feeding effect is good; the frass do efficient biological organic fertilizer, with good market prospects. Tenebrio scale breeding and industrialization project is the national animal husbandry and fishery harvest plan of key projects, was listed as the "fifteen" project.

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