Several steps necessary to build the nternet platform

with the penetration of the Internet on daily life, many people have been involved in the development of the Internet interactive platform. Want to set up an Internet platform which steps need? The following is a successful experience to establish their own proprietary web site to share the experience, we hope to help.

but it has a disadvantage of easily overlooked, is that no matter how perfect idea, every day you go to think, this idea will let you change, of course, is that adding the trimmings, this is even more perfect, but forgot, this is an iterative process, this world is not perfect in every respect forever what do you go to, will have fresh ideas, then you will be trapped in a fantasy life, as the saying goes: thought is a giant, but the action is not a dwarf.

so, have an idea of how you can move it, personally think that when you start a business must have an original idea, this idea will allow you to continue to explore more and more complex, these complex things can be completely removed, you want in the first platform to retain the integrity of your original the idea, let your thoughts continue to streamline, rather than continue to streamline the large, like a beauty like that, what kind of beauty? As the saying goes: a little specific fertilizer, less specific thin.

1, the user is what crowd?

2, what services do you offer?

3, there are no competitors? Do you think you have an advantage?

4, how do you promote?

5, how profitable?

when considering more than you know how to deal with, and have detailed strategies, you can on-line platform, because you are just a thinker, you on-line platform, at least the following categories:

1, product designer: responsible for your idea into a website architecture, into a functional document.

2, web designers: website architecture with function, design a prototype chart recommended

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