The management of the store of scheming

to a shop fire, do not use some of calculating ", in the fierce competition in the market, in fact, is difficult to achieve this goal. However, there are a lot of shops in fact aware of the importance of the operation, but also the use of a lot of strategies, but does not seem to use the idea, resulting in no help for business. In fact, we also need to grasp the shop operators to better psychological strategy.

1 phenomenon: many bars in order to promote the free supply of drinks, peanuts, but received a few dollars to have a cup of water. This is typical of the complementary product promotion: peanuts and wine are complementary goods, eat peanuts, natural will drink, but drink plenty of water but can only drink less.

2: in recent years, there have been many a few yuan street shop, from the early two yuan shop, shop, shop five yuan to ten yuan, then the shop, selling some small commodities, cheap showmanship, business is hot. This pattern even affects many supermarkets, RT mart, Carrefour, Hualian, Tesco have broken by category display routines, launched "a commodity", Pichu zones, the different categories of the same price low value commodity focus on display.

of scheming 1: complementary promotion

do promotion to integration, take the amount of products, advertising products, products of their profits in what way to promotion, complementary products to match, how joint sales need to be figured out from the consumer psychology.

from the complementary point of view, consumers in the purchase of a commodity at the same time, often may need its extension.

For example,

will need to buy wine, bottle opener; buy cosmetics, need cleaning, nursing and a series of products. Select some low-cost extension as promotional items, not only can reduce inventory, but also to attract potential consumers.


of calculating the anchoring effect of

called the "anchoring effect", also known as the anchoring effect, means that people make judgments on sb, vulnerable to the first impression or the first information disposal, they like to sink into the sea anchor as the people’s minds fixed somewhere.

ships moored to anchor to fix the position, people will unconsciously make the initial information as an anchor, as their basis for judgment.

visited a few yuan shop, after most have a common feeling: the purchase of goods in the total number of useless, but I do not know why to buy down the doings of ghosts and gods.

is a anchoring effect: the uniform price is very low, in fact, is given a point positioning, like an anchor, suggesting that customers here.

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