Rural money to recommend the classic project

is now the vast rural areas as entrepreneurial significant advantage, attracted many people to come to business, at the same time, some of the characteristics of entrepreneurship in the rural venture nature is indispensable, let’s look at entrepreneurs in rural areas which have good projects can choose.

1. engage in specialty cultivation   planting characteristics of good fruit varieties and the shortage of economic herbs, relatively easy to find the market. Good conditions can also engage in production and processing of one-stop.

2. greenhouse vegetables popular   greenhouse cultivation can fill the season caused by fruit and vegetable vacancies. Although the greenhouse is very popular, but as long as the selection of varieties, or a quest


3. breeding prospects for processing   in recent years, many varieties of breeding, in addition to traditional breeding projects, but also the breeding of pets, such as cats, dogs, birds, fish, etc..

4. will make   slack; the elderly, women and children can be slack, making gloves, silk flowers, hand woven sweaters, woven baskets, flower baskets, Mats and other crafts, the young can go out to work to do business.

5. a promising   bag; if to live in the suburbs, can wash vegetables, bagging to city residential area.

6. in the rural open store   from the city to buy some old appliances, old furniture, old hardware, depreciation refurbished and sold to farmers, farmers also Recyclable home renovation process and sell old furniture again.

7. opened a new store in   the leasing industry in rural areas is great, pigs, cattle, sheep, carry out cattle, labor rent, freight cars, agricultural vehicles such as tractors, agricultural tricycle, agricultural machinery rental housing and some tools such as playing machine, scaffolding, scaffolding, small mixing machine the rental.

8.   have a brilliant future of courtyard economy make full use of the advantages of rural courtyard; large, reasonable planning, scientific breeding, development of livestock breeding fowl, pigs, also cultivated grape, apricot, cherry trees and flowers.

9. in the greenhouse flowers breeding   build a greenhouse, foster the development of gardening, bonsai, flowers, grass, trees, flowers or engage in wholesale and retail will be sent to the city flower shop.

10.   to buy a truck transportation; fruit, livestock and other agricultural products will be shipped out, the city will pull in life. You can also buy a small passenger car.



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