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for the vast majority of women have felt the breast is too small, so many women want their breast can become larger, and even some women even in their own body knife gun, let your breast become larger, in fact there are some food often eat some can very good to promote breast development effect, said the following about what food to promote breast development.

three, egg and fish food

this kind of food provides sufficient lipid nutrition for human body, these fat nutrition mainly contained in cooking oil, such as salad oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and lard oil in food.

What are the foods that

vegetable food provides adequate dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals for the human body, generally relatively dark color vegetables than light colored vegetables can provide more vitamins and minerals, it is said that as many as 100 kinds of vitamins oh. This kind of food includes all kinds of vegetables, such as spinach, rape, lettuce and so many.

promotes breast development? Above introduced six kinds of food can promote the development of the breast, these women can eat a lot of food for women with breast enhancement has a good effect oh.


, a grain rhizome food

six, grease

is mainly for the human body to provide vitamins, minerals and part of the sugar, there are many types of fruit, you want to breast, then it is best to eat some fruit.

grain rhizome food mainly provide carbohydrates and protein as a part of the human body, if you choose the shell cereal, can also provide B vitamins and rich in dietary fiber, this kind of food is mainly contained in Steamed Rice, pasta, noodles, bread and other food, Steamed Buns.

this kind of food provides sufficient protein for human protein, has a very good effect on the female breast, provide the nutritional components of food including egg, duck’s egg, soy, tofu, Soybean Milk, bean products, fish, shrimp, shellfish, seafood, pork, beef, chicken, duck, etc..

this kind of food provides sufficient protein and calcium for human body, this kind of main nutrients contained in milk, cheese and fermented milk, women often eat some of this kind of food can play a good effect of breast.

four, vegetable


five, fruit

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