Entrepreneurship is not difficult

in fact, everyone wants to be their own boss, but who can really become a boss? In the present market, to the success of the venture, make a successful boss, how hard you know?

should be how to avoid?One of the people,

1, partner. At first, we might want to find someone to work with. This is a good idea. But it’s hard for us to find a suitable partner when we are young or start. Pay attention to the beginning of a familiar person, but also in the same industry partner. Because if you are looking for a partner who has not opened a factory, you will be very headache. I started a month, I found a fellow, before he was a taxi, making some money that I want to plant, voted 80 thousand yuan and I do together. The two months ended, I lost 20 thousand yuan, because he did not understand the process of a factory, invested immediately to see profits, and he always did not understand the meaning of the monthly delivery, the old thinking went out to make money, no money back, he thought you corruption. And he wants to do everything. Love pomp. So we don’t have a common language, so we have to divide it. Looking for a partner to be consensual, like a marriage, both thought to be consistent, or not. A good partner is not to be found.

2, head of the company. If you can find a few early or a few willing to work together with you to endure hardship, but also competent and competent, it is a very happy thing. We want to grasp, I am very lucky, there have been a few good people to follow me, they eat with me to sleep, in fact, their income is higher than me. This is what they deserve.

3, company employees. Now it is very difficult to find workers. There are a number of good, stable staff, there is god. Employees and customers are our god. We must treat them well. Open the factory, if there is no stable staff, then it will collapse. But I didn’t do that very well.

4, loved ones. It’s hard to start a business, so we don’t want our parents, brothers and sisters to live with us. As a result, they will increase the burden on us, our parents raised us so much, but now we have to do the boss, take them here, enjoy yourself, it should be. But not in the beginning of the business, because you pick them up, they look at you hard, looking at you for a bit of trouble, when the lack of a single, workers did not have no time on the class, in fact, they will be more urgent than you. But they will not encourage you, they will say, oh, we do not have to do the boss’s life, we have to turn it off, to do a good job, etc.. When they say it all day

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