To make money like a beggar to start a business

each group, have their own survival wisdom, have their own life choices. Even beggars, such as vulnerable groups, even if they are at the bottom of society, but also have their own survival wisdom. When we often feel their own poverty, can not make money recipe, you can think, in fact, many of the philosophy of survival is very worthy of our reference.

face can not eat

beggar probably is the most people do not speak face. For beggars, face is the greatest enemy of survival. Just imagine, did not eat without wearing, even life is not guaranteed, face what is the use? The first thing to do is to lay down their faces.

comments: look, full network siyaomianzi living death is really the true saying.

all comments: a network of friends more than the road, saying there is no wrong.

greedy is not wrong

for repeatedly for two, is the boss’s philosophy, and the greedy beggar is a truth, is to pursue the maximization of benefits. Bosses will never be full

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