Sick leave travel was expelled from the world so big want to play also have time

around the world is every young people have ideas, want to travel is not wrong, but, sick leave to travel is wrong. Recently, there is a female employee because of sick leave travel was dismissed, this is really playing big.

however, surprisingly, last year by the end of the day, the company responsible person Mr. Chen found in the browse WeChat circle of friends, Ms. Lu is the full circle of friends traveling around the world since the photos from her leave. Ms. Lu, from time to time in various scenic background self location, the micro letter also showed that Ms. Lu was indeed in the photo shows the scenic spots.

evidence preservation notarization

details, notary Li Chunhui developed the "WeChat circle of friends notarized evidence preservation program. By Mr. Chen’s phone, a step by step will be sent in the circle of friends of Ms. Lu photos, text and location of all evidence preservation, and issued a security certificate. Ultimately, the company relies on this notary book, in accordance with the provisions of the company and ms..

the whole process, and not a notarization institution Lo direct contact, Li Chunhui analysis as to why the other will travel photos in a circle of friends, and may be due to negligence, "a lot of people in real life is the sun shine addiction, eat a meal to take a circle of friends."

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