Successful community stores have the feeling of finding a home

there will be very few shops can let customers have the feeling of home, after all, the shop is a shop, and home is home, the difference is very large. However, if you want to successfully open a community shop, Xiao Bian here suggested that you need to open their own shops have a feeling of home for the customers.

community stores to allow customers to find the feeling of home, family and convenient way to go, in order to retain customers. I am here area basically is mainly young people, work up a strong, eat are just. Therefore, I have noodles is the biggest sales of goods, sometimes, they are not busy even the time of boiling water with a bucket of instant noodles, have some boiling water in front of my shop, the makeshift meal on the table.

I see, this is not good, these young people in the long run, will eat bad appetite. So, every time they come, I said, you wait a minute, I often continuous boiling water, I can help you take the noodles in the pot to boil, but "the capital of the revolution body". This chat while eating, but also enhance the emotional, so many young people will respect to me here called "Daddy, would you please help me get the instant noodles to burn out!" I was happy to help them.

my wife and I love to eat dumplings, usually nothing will pack a lot, can not eat in the refrigerator frozen, but also convenient. Again, under the dumplings, driving Wang District saw Master said, I only eat dumplings to see Dad, want to have half a year not to eat dumplings. I said, I have some left here. Take it back. Say that finish, put the refrigerator in the preservation of the dumplings to him.

Master Wang said I feel shy, cannot eat money, daddy. He took out ten dollars to me. I said, this is not our skin, even with only ten dollars, you this to you, I am not free. Push to let go, finally, I received five dollars. Master Wang moved to say, five dollars in the street can not sell a bowl of dumplings, you gave so much, enough for a family to eat it.

later, my wife and a total area, are busy, let the old couple have nothing to this thing, we store a foothold in the community to give them convenience. So, we will pack several varieties of dumplings, so that both the convenience of customers in the District, but also let us find some time to do something. Today, my family every day to sell more than and 40 pounds per catty dumplings, we only accept one yuan of hard costs, than the street selling cheap nearly half, and very good quality. Customers have benefits, but also to my store in the community to establish a good image.


community store than some large supermarkets, with traffic is very large, and good location, and if you want to open the community store, you need to lay a good relationship with the residents of the village, this can only help business. Because of this, I am in the community store when a lot of customers to consider, Service >

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