Toon grow cabbage leaves suspected physiological disease

Chun Shu long vegetables, the first time I heard that. This morning, Zhengzhou residents came to the ruins of a future road and the intersection of the southeast corner of the Fuyuan Road in search of wild herbs, is a wall beside a few small toon shocked: small toon actually grow cabbage leaves, leaves with different no..

really false? The public called friends and guards, and soon, the people around the crowd to come. Reporters on the scene saw the small branches of the tree xiangchunshu meter high really has a shiny bright water vegetables. Green vegetables and Shanghai looks similar to the green, oval leaves, as well as white vegetables, smooth surface. But the real toon leaves are pointed, the surface is blue. It is a practical joke? The reporter broke down to see, really grow on trees. In the tree there are four trees beside the small toon, toon, the highest is five meters high. Far see a wild profusion of vegetation.

careful observation, these "green leaf" is long at the bottom of the branches, and is of uniform length in a circle, the above is true of Toona sinensis, how to look like an artificial graft, like "hybrids".

"this place is the original Shen village, a few years ago the demolition, there is still no houses, temporarily abandoned, usually very few people, who may not have the Toon grafting, and it is the tree of heaven." According to the future of the road office patrol member Zhang Gensheng said. Onlookers, many white haired old man said, never seen such a spectacle".

a toon actually grow leaves two distinct, it is the soil containing what special elements? Or what new varieties? Reporters were off a piece of Toona leaves and "cabbage leaves, taste it, Changchun leaves bitter to swallow," some sweet vegetables leaf at the entrance but after a while, chewing some astringency, and finally a taste of the leaves of toona.

in this regard, Zhengzhou city environmental monitoring team chief Ma Xinan said that he was also the first time to see such a situation, he suspected that some people may be making mischief.

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