Open education and training institutions need to take these three steps

in the China family are very attention to children’s education, especially in expectations at female cheng feng under the concept of education, many parents are keen on the choice of a good education and training institutions for their children to enhance the learning ability. And based on this market demand, many investors want to open an education and training institutions to get rich, then how to run an education and training institutions to be more competitive?

a, open education and training institutions in the market positioning: what are you selling

the start of a new company, the key is to locate the problem, that is, what are you selling to the customer to provide what services?. Different markets have different positions, a city in Beijing, Shanghai may be subdivided more, some do some financial management training, training, training to do some marketing, do some outdoor training, some successful, some learning organization and so on, be first and second in their own third of an acre. You can have a bowl of rice to eat. There are also divided into the industry, some manufacturing, and some are super retail, some hospital medicine, some IT industry, some mass consumer goods, there is a place. Of course, there is relatively strong comprehensive strength, relatively early, according to local market conditions, can not be generalized.

two, the operation of the education and training institutions: how to develop and manage customer

the customer is not only the God of enterprise, is the lifeline of the enterprise, therefore, business is always leading and core enterprises, how to develop and manage the customer is the essence of enterprise operation.

first, you need to have a sales team, rather than guanggansiling their Dancing Solo, to help lead this team, from professional selling skills, improve the comprehensive quality of all aspects of communication. Second, how to develop new customers. Once again, customer management issues. Take part in your training or buy your training product is your customer, it takes time to manage and consolidate, not to make the customer churn. Because now the market competition is too fierce, peer competitors more and more intense competition, product homogeneity is too high, and the customer is more pragmatic, who provide good products, whose prices are low, who is good service, customers will immediately turn to another company, "worship" break up with you, customer loyalty is becoming more and more low, but also the development of a new customer than an old customer to spend manpower and money more, thus it should be the core of the company’s business management, especially for small and medium-sized city a number of high-quality customers.

three, open education and training institutions brand building: to build the core competitiveness of enterprises

competition between enterprises is the competition of the brand, each industry is the case, including the product quality and brand products, etc.. How to improve >

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