Sweep the two dimensional code is not behind a simple security risk worrying

two-dimensional code is now flooded into every corner of people’s daily lives, to bring convenience to people at the same time, it also brings a lot of risk. In a word, with the popularity of smart mobile phone and "Internet plus" development change rapidly, took out a mobile phone to sweep "has now become a lot of people’s daily habits.

two-dimensional code also appears more and more in the barracks, the new replacement officer "certificate" and other documents of the core embedded at the bottom of printed two-dimensional code encryption, a lot of technical equipment, realty and war materials also use two-dimensional code identification card instead of material management "sweep over". However, many officers and men may not understand the hidden security risks behind two-dimensional code. In today’s edition of the "Liberation Army Daily focus of two-dimensional code security topics, detailed introduction of two-dimensional code information and sweep the safety precautions, hoping to help comrades in daily life.

you can safely sweep?

two-dimensional code of the past and present life

my name is "two-dimensional code", as the name suggests, is to use a certain geometric graphics in a certain law in the plane (horizontal and vertical two dimensions) of the distribution of black and white graphics, to record the data symbol information. You usually see only a look me, is QR (Quick Response English abbreviation "rapid response") matrix two-dimensional code encoding, and dozens of other features I have stacked shape.

simply said, I am a graphical computer instruction, as long as the corresponding identification software can read the instructions and execute. My black figure indicates that the computer binary encoding of the "1", "0", said the white and digital information encoding of text and images.

don’t look at me I can do big ugly in appearance, yet, in product security, links, data download, electronic documents, mobile phone payment can be found in my display skills to the full. Moreover, my QR code form early in 1994 by the invention application, it has been 23 years of age, the age of the Internet can be described as "old rustic".

as long as the two-dimensional code scanning software or tool identification, I can quickly realize the automatic processing of information, display the corresponding website, video, coupons, name card, and reading speed, large information capacity, small occupied space and high reliability. So, don’t think I’m black, dense, people do some serious damage!

security risk sweep convenient behind

now, in social networking, shopping, management, advertising and other aspects, the two-dimensional code really let everyone’s daily life convenient a lot, especially in the mobile payment to WeChat and Alipay as the main medium of recommendation

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