YOUNGOR men’s money business opportunities

venture capital investment in men’s choice of the market, has been very strong choice. The quality of the project, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the YOUNGOR men’s project, is a very good choice, also very business choice!

YOUNGOR men’s clothing, YOUNGOR men’s clothing brand, brand clothing is the basic industry of the YOUNGOR group, after 30 years of development, has formed a brand clothing as the leading textile and apparel vertical industry chain. With the core of the new group’s business – men’s 2008 group merged with the American company KELLWOOD, YOUNGOR acquired a strong design and development capability, operational capability and international distribution network throughout the United States, has become one of the world’s largest men’s clothing enterprises.

YOUNGOR currently has more than 100 branches in the country, more than and 400 self owned stores, a total of more than 2000 commercial outlets. Have shirts, suits, trousers, jacket, tie and shirt six Chinese brand-name products, main products for the national first shirt shirt industry national export Mianjian products, for 15 consecutive years, the first comprehensive market share rate, suit for 10 consecutive years to maintain market share in a. YOUNGOR brand has repeatedly been rated as the most popular brand and brand logo.

YOUNGOR men? For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the men’s YOUNGOR project, open a YOUNGOR own men’s franchise stores, do not worry about no source. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

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