The man suddenly took the show boy witty boy called he is not my father

days ago, Guangdong Shunde occurred breathtaking scene, a group of children on the stage performances, a man suddenly took a walk on stage performing boy. The boy screamed, "he’s not my father," and drew the attention of the teacher.

the incident on the evening of December 25th, in Guangdong Shunde Shunlian Plaza, a class of children is show on the stage, only to show when half, a black man suddenly walked on stage, under the watchful eyes of the people under took a boy, the audience thought is one of the performance of the organizers arranged. Until the boy screams "he is not my father," we realized that ill intent. Fortunately, the teacher next to the stage in a timely manner to stop, but then, the behavior of the strange man again want to hold the child, the teacher finally found a security.

stage next to the teacher fortunately in time to stop, the children have not been man away. Later, the children went back to the stage to perform. But before long, the "child molester" appeared again, he raised a hand, after half a week around the field, trying to grab the kids, but this time, the teacher shouted vigilance immediately stepped forward, and for security.

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