Provide change service can also improve store operations

shop business is bad, what should we do? Is it possible to wait for customers to come, without making any effort? The new shop near a bus station, normally people stay for a long time, the shop will be good. Can be embarrassing is that the distance far away, so close, and the driving time is tight, but the loss of many customers.

business is not good, I feel boring. Early in the morning, the business has not opened, someone took 10 yuan to change the zero. "No, no!" I didn’t even raise my head. The man had to very reluctantly to go. In a moment, a middle-aged man handed 10 yuan money to change LingChao, I waved his hand and said impatiently, "said no change is no change, want to change to the opposite bank."

middle-aged man responded quickly: "I bought a bottle of mineral water. The pocket does not change, the bus is no ticket, really no way." I found him 9 yuan for change. However, these two things give me some enlightenment: since people have the demand for change, why don’t I provide this service? People who come in for change may be able to buy something in the store!

second days, I have prepared a lot of change, the shop can change "poster on the door, and then to display some of the commodity in the poster beside the shelves, such as chewing gum, small napkin, lighters, mineral water……

after the launch of this business, every day to change a lot of people really. For a long time, the door on the shelves and even some small commodities in short supply, to fill several orders every day. Especially the chewing gum sales increased significantly, the original a few months to sell a box, now ten days and a half months to a return of goods, even the supplier delivery staff said: "I did not see you, this shop sales of chewing gum is larger than some of the supermarkets." I put the gum display box from the original layer to the five layer, and increased the taste and variety, so that customers have more choices.

such a change for the store’s business is helpful? Is it going to make the business better? Profits will be increased? The end of the month a inventory income than last month increased 500 yuan. Although not too much, but after all, there is a turn for the better, my family and I are very happy. I did not expect to change for me in exchange for a good business, which really should be the old saying: with the convenience of their own convenience.

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