How to open the museum experts to answer for you

nowadays people pay great attention to their health, and rock climbing is a very popular sport. It’s a lot of people’s idea to open a rock climbing gym. So, how to open the stadium? Need to pay attention to what the problem, we listen to what experts say.

Sam  Wright is a Vc firm accounting. Over the years, he has been buried in the analysis plan those cool startups, at the same time as "day dreamer" (The  Secret  Life  of  Walter  Mitty) in Walter  Mitty; the same dreams can open their own business.

Q: rock climbing is not well-known in New Jersey, how do you attract members?

A: I have only one thing to do with this. I saw Gravity  Vault; sales data, found that some people will live in Meader Don drive to Chatham to participate in rock climbing — although the number of this part of the consumer is not enough to support a stadium operation, but at least let me know there are still climbing enthusiasts in Meader Don.


Q: what’s your business up to now?

A: our business is the same as previously predicted. All the sports clubs have off-season and peak season. Every year in October to next year in April, the sports hall will become more busy. In the opening ceremony, we received about 700 consumers, a few months later, we now have about 250 members.

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