A good project to invest in Entrepreneurship the film market

in everyday life we often hear what movie box office billions of dollars, or a record high, with a very big business, and the market widely. For the popular film market, many industry insiders told the economic reference news "reporter said, according to the current development trend of domestic film production, post production, cinema, construction and other fields, there are investment opportunities.

in January this year, the State Council issued a "guidance" on promoting the prosperity and development of the film industry pointed out, give full play to the basic role of the market in promoting the film industry development, and put forward to give equal treatment to the non-public enterprises state-owned film film enterprises in the investment approval, land use, property tax, finance service, foreign policy trade.

this high in that this is a big plus. He said that this policy under the influence of film and television, CI Wen Hai run, galloping horse and other film and television companies are actively planning for the listing. For investors, it will be a good opportunity.

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