Cosmetics shop how to purchase channels recommended

cosmetics shop the entire purchase scheme is a very important link, now the entire beauty market, people open cosmetics has been more and more, there are a lot of people have opened cosmetics shop in preparation, which grasp a good purchase scheme is a very important link.

one, the selection of qualified regular brands. The first is legal, license, otherwise it is not worth considering, then it is the cultural background of the brand, product, packaging design, price positioning, concept marketing channels and selected demands are complete and consistent, not chaos is not contradictory. For example, some products of foreign brands under the banner also claim to be a Chinese brand, this brand is often contradictory, it is difficult to neither fish nor fowl, and accepted by consumers.

Second, choose a

Third, to grasp the market in other regions reflect on your brand choice. Here, including the dealer that is the reflection of the manufacturers and products and consumers reflect the quality of the product. To choose a brand, it is best to go to the place where the product sales to understand, listen to the views of other owners and consumers throughout the country, there will be an objective understanding of the brand. It also needs to have their own analysis, after all, is not the same place, there will be some regional differences. But anyway, a brand operation for a period of time, even a decent market did not do it, so do the brand of hope is very slim, over will be very tired, it is difficult to do.

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