mprove store image to promote business development

store image on the development of the business is affected? I think, to solve this problem, Ni boss is who has the right to speak. Ni boss think of yourself as a customer, far from looking at their own shops, left and right, to see how comfortable. She happily back to the shop, touch the wall, on the counter, automatic speaking said: "after the transformation, is good, is good."

Ni boss Guangxi road Liuzhou City Lake is in an ordinary cigarette retail businesses, the thought of big changes to bring business stores after the transformation, she could not suppress his excitement: "in the past, can not sell high-grade cigarette to sell now, customers would like to come in later, but there are still customers looking for group purchase the door. After the store new look, cigarette sales from the previous average of 400 per month, straight up to an average of $500 per month, the money earned more, thanks to the guidance and help of the tobacco companies!" Look at the edge of the cigarette business books Ni boss said.

The new

store image, smoke good to sell, earn good money, like Ni boss this situation there are many businesses in the city of Liuzhou, and their "happiness", from the Liuzhou city terminal lighting engineering tobacco companies in 2011 to vigorously carry out the "".

propaganda and guidance to promote awareness change

"store image promotion, customers will feel the strength of the reliability is improved; the store environment is improved, at the customer to buy the rest assured, comfortable. In this way, it will attract more customers to our store consumption, the business naturally better and better. You have to take the initiative to participate in the competition, enhance their own, will be better to develop their own, below we compare the three sets of data……" This is the Liuzhou city tobacco companies training is extremely rich to slide through importance of retail store image propaganda promotion.

A Jie, you also have a cigarette business for several years, you see you near the blue boss, with you the same year business of cigarette, the opening situation is similar with you, but I have now from the grocery store into a convenience store, cigarette sales and profit almost than you twice. We open the door to do business, to take the initiative to adapt to the trend of development, enhance the self, business can be better, the money will be more, is it?"

after obtaining the nod nod merchants, customer manager Mo Liu Qing homeopathic guide, blue boss recently there is a new action, he put the store re decoration and layout of A. You don’t say, the effect is really good, his cigarette sales this month rose more than and 70……" This kind of field mobilization shows a lot of daily visits to the client manager.

"I don’t think much before the image of the store, think the store area is not their own, chaos and disorder, their habits, always do." Located on the East Ring Road in Liuzhou

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