Create a magnetic field to promote many preferential policies in hit

in Anhui province this year for innovation and entrepreneurship is very seriously, every city in the implementation of innovative work actively, help more people realize their entrepreneurial wealth, but also to better promote the economic development of Anhui province!


to meet the conditions of the start-up and reward on value-added tax, business tax, enterprise income tax, individual income tax retained part, total payment business prize money up 5 million 330 thousand yuan. In addition, the city through the implementation of the public nesting, nursery seedlings, financial boost, cultural leadership, service and other 5 major projects to enhance the task of the 15.

launched the first cast, the first arm, the first loan, the first "as the core of the eight policies, the establishment of venture capital secured loan guarantee fund 250 million yuan, 100 thousand yuan to 4 million yuan loan support for all types of business enterprises, last year issued the new business loans 1 billion 10 million yuan, ranking first in the province.

youth are the main force of innovation and entrepreneurship, the city to carry out extensive education in local colleges and universities, entrepreneurship education courses into credit management. Encourage entrepreneurship Park and universities to cooperate to build mechanisms, including Yijiang District youth entrepreneurship Park in accordance with the characteristics of a school program.

and Anhui Engineering University, Wuhu Institute of Technology and other colleges and universities to build a creative design Park, industrial design Park, Electromechanical Technology Park Park, the park to enjoy the lowest settled threshold, optimal youth support policies, the city emerged Chinese sales of the largest food business enterprise three squirrel Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the success of university students in the typical Anhui dream Information Technology Co. companies such as a large number of outstanding entrepreneurial enterprises.

in order to effectively solve the financing problems of the college students’ entrepreneurship, innovation of College Students’ unsecured business loans, arrangements for the annual amount of not more than 6 million yuan, the incubator, the government controlled Guarantee Corporation recommended free guarantee, the postal savings bank lending and other ways to support the students start, currently has 6 batches, 41 college students entrepreneurs issued 3 million 100 thousand yuan unsecured business loans. The city has also introduced fresh college graduates to stay in public rental policy, the annual arrangement of 1 million yuan of special funds used to organize all kinds of entrepreneurship competition, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm entrepreneurs.


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