ce cream franchise business coup

ice cream stores want to business, we must choose to learn some skills, master the skills, they will not come to the customer. An ice cream store, who want to improve business, just do not think of a good way. Now, Xiao Bian will give you talk about ways to improve the ice cream store business.

1, the weather is bad, as long as there is someone on the street there is a demand, our shops and products to meet the needs of the guests? Did you observe it carefully in front of the shop and in front of the window? Do you have a plan?

2, into the shop rate is low, and the gap between competing products – give yourself twenty minutes, out of the store, into the competing products, look at what the guests are buying? Look at the shopping guests eat what? Finally go back to his shop door to see if our flagship product is the needs of the guests? If not, adjust immediately. If so, the guests will enter the store.

3, the turnover rate is low, poor purchasing power – ask yourself a few minutes a day to teach the skills of employees? Or do you stand in line with your employees? Even chat?

4, ice cream stores, adjust the gap between business and the ideal is still not ideal. Think of resources, want extra business. VIP development, VIP shop maintenance activities, notice the new consultation notification, SMS, telephone solicitation, these you do? Isn’t it an extra breakthrough? The sale of products to attract, as this is not added, extra business?

5, do the above business will be good – the answer is yes, but we want to better. So the details are also very important, such as the target split, personnel shift, busy time deployment, idle schedule, product management, time tracking, etc.. These people will, but only with the, is really will.

6, ice cream store, the plan is very important, the implementation is more important, do beautiful plan, do not perform, equal to zero.

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