How to join the black tea

five thousand years of Chinese civilization, the birth of a number of traditional culture, diet, history, of course, tea. China is the birthplace of tea culture, tea varieties are different, each has its own characteristics. For example: black tea, green tea, Longjing, Puer and so on, venture to join the selection of this project is a good investment.

Fujian Wuyishan National Nature Reserve is a mountain tea Co., Ltd., is a small mountain of black tea professional production enterprises, heritage of more than 400 years of production of small black tea. The company is a small mountain created by the twenty-fourth generation — Jiang Yuanxun Black Tea Mr. in the tea industry predecessors Zhang Tianfu and community care in 2001. The company formerly known as Mr. Jiang Yuanxun start empty-handed founded in 1997 in Wuyishan Yuanxun tea factory, is the production and export of traditional "Lapsang souchong" Black Tea pillar enterprises, is also one of the Wuyishan municipal government focus on supporting agricultural enterprises, also in Fujian Province, Nanping city of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises.

is a small mountain cable fat Black Tea shape, color dark, bright red color charming aroma high long with rosin and special Alpine rhyme; taste bitter astringent, refreshing taste sweet, pure and fresh and live thick, moist, with significant longan soup taste. A sip, meditation, really like a "half step heaven, half step world" (from Beijing tea) feeling; alone or mixed with milk, lemon, sugar and other substances after the aroma is not bad, taste is not decreased, the formation of a new Black Tea, soup color is more beautiful, more flavor charming, taste more diverse, unforgettable and addictive.

is a small mountain tea to join the advantages of

a, brand advantage

is a small mountain Black Tea twenty-fourth generation

famous brand in Fujian province; Fujian famous brand agricultural products; national assured tea recommended brand

Fujian’s largest black tea export enterprises

for 11 consecutive years to obtain the German BCS, Japan JAS, the United States NOP organic tea certification

pioneered the world’s top brand gold Junmei, Black Tea intelligence-k eyebrow Black Tea

two, product advantages

series: two series of products covering high, medium and low-grade, can meet the various consumer demand for Black Tea; including the element is a small mountain, is the Church Hill high-end Black Tea series of nearly 20 products.

Standardization: strict quality inspection system, professional tea teacher evaluation, to achieve price standardization, quality standardization. Standard and stable products are our guide

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