College graduates should be bold

graduation is unemployed, has always been considered a portrayal of the current number of college graduates, and will achieve such a situation, naturally with the current employment environment has a great relationship. And now, a group of college graduates to embark on the community. It is understood that the number of college graduates this year, up to 7 million 560 thousand, also known as the history of more difficult employment". The author believes that in the current context of difficult employment, college students may wish to try to start their own business.

it is well known that China’s higher education has changed from elite education to mass education. However, many college students’ employment concept is far behind the trend of economic development, they are in the university after graduation in the field of learning to find a stable, decent work as the only option. They still have the superiority of the God’s favored one relatively high expectations. ".

in the difficult employment of College Students under the background of the complaining, choosers can only make themselves into a difficult situation. In real life, some students prefer at home and rely on a "decent" work, but did not dare to try their own business, which is one of the reasons for the difficult employment of College students.

for a long time, affected by the traditional thinking of the planned economy, the whole society for college students do not have a clear understanding of entrepreneurship. In fact, college students are the inevitable result of social and economic development. According to reports, in recent years, the country has more and more college graduates to start their own businesses, through entrepreneurship, many college students successfully break a new path for their own development, to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, so get rid of the graduation means unemployment dilemma.

college students if they just want to wait for a stable job, in an increasingly competitive society, I am afraid it is difficult to get more long-term development. In fact, there are thousands of thousands of college students on the road, the only way to emancipate the mind, change ideas, dare to innovate, dare to practice, in order to get the golden key to enter the door of employment. I hope there are more and more college students can have the courage to go all out, establish confidence, boldly participate in entrepreneurial ranks. Believe that as long as the efforts, as long as the hard work, success is not far away from you.

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