Brand clothing chain stores to do a good job planning

brand clothing chain stores have a lot of skills, first of all before you set up shop, we must do a good job planning, system and improve the planning is the first step in the success of your shop. Brand clothing chain stores, we must first have a good chain shop system, including two parts:

One is the location:

for the management, determined to join the store development goals and make a plan, layout is the most troublesome problem. Now use an example to explain the rules.

method is the first open a shop to accelerate store water, if the market response is good, will speed up the shop, in less than two and a half years, the shop quickly paved.

This method has the advantage of

disadvantages are: greater risk, the need to invest more money to shop.

Second: uniform

shopThe number of

This method has the advantage of

drawback: shop over a long period of time, to quickly seize the market, sometimes will lose some market opportunities.

Third: speeding shop

speeding shop is at an extraordinary pace, in the competition has not yet fully react as quickly to seize the market.

this method has the advantage of: shop can seize the market more quickly than the first shop, open the brand, win the competitive advantage more quickly.

disadvantage is that the biggest risk is the most need to invest money to shop.

How to plan your brand clothing chain

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