How to choose Japanese training school

choose a good Japanese training, this is a lot of Japanese learners are very concerned about this issue, for you to provide some suggestions to help you better learn Japanese Japanese training, more professional, in the rational basis, make better choices.

first, we must look at the Japanese training school teaching content (that is, teaching plan) is professional, scientific and reasonable. How to choose Japanese training school? In simple terms, such as some schools set up primary curriculum learning time is 100 hours, even set for 80 hours, but if you want to reach the primary level, normal, whether the Japanese syllabus or our Japanese syllabus identity courses must be about 300 hours. Then you can imagine the quality of teaching in this school.

second, instructor configuration. Senior lecturer, junior high school curriculum configuration, including Chinese and lecturer here Japanese science collocation teaching. The configuration is also very critical lecturer in primary curriculum, some people say that the primary courses do not need Japanese lecturer, which in itself is not professional. Because it is more in need of Japanese junior lecturer, if from the stage you pronunciation is not standard, and develop bad pronunciation habits, then change up is very difficult. Of course there are in Japanese instructor courses collocation and scientific rationality, etc..

third, the selection of teaching materials (including sub teaching materials). How to choose Japanese training school? With "standard Japanese market" (or version) of the school is the most common, not to say that this set of textbooks is not good, but now in order to better and Japanese Language School Japanese education and constantly updated, consistent with the selection of the latest and most popular and most scientific abroad (Japan) should be in terms of materials, is the best the choice of. Of course, this has a direct relationship with the level of Japanese lecturers.

fourth, lecturer’s "quality"". There are some advertisements saying "my school China Ji Moumou teacher JLPT level", think there are some ridiculous. How to choose Japanese training school? It only proves that the teacher passed JLPT level, only this. The teacher is to teach Japanese, and eventually make their students pass or reach the level of the Japanese language proficiency test. Japanese lecturer, is not to say that is a Japanese can "Japanese Japanese experts".


above is about some matters need to pay attention to learning Japanese, I hope everyone to choose a good school, so we can better learn Japanese course tuition is low, not to say that low tuition is good, can not say that the high tuition is good. This requires you to judge according to your own learning purpose and requirements.

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