The experience of small businesses to get rich 13 female compatriots can not know

experience is a very important thing for many entrepreneurs, especially in the modern society for many entrepreneurial female compatriots, some good business experience have before entrepreneurship is also a kind of essential content, let’s look at women entrepreneurs need experience.

1, getting out of stock, and neglect the customer, the shop is also wrong negligence. At this time, should solemnly apologize, and said, "we will send to you as soon as possible." To leave the customer’s address.

2, one price. The price cuts will lead to confusion and unhappiness, damaging the credit.

3, children are the best customers, for children with children, or to shop children, special care.

4, the object of the transaction as their loved ones. Whether can get the support of the customer, decide the rise and fall of the store.

5, flattery before sales, not as good after-sales service. This is the "permanent customer" rule.

6, to the customer’s blame, as "God’s word", regardless of what is to blame, be happy to accept.

7, do not have to worry about the lack of funds, the concern is the lack of credit.

8, procurement to be stable, simplified.

9, the sale of good goods is a good thing, for the promotion of good goods is a good thing.

10, salesman must carry one or two pieces of goods and advertising, brochures.

11, to work full of spirit, so that the store is full of vigor and vitality, customers will naturally come together.!

12, daily newspaper ads to see at least once. Do not know what the customer ordered new products, is a businessman’s shame.   want to achieve great cause, on the – China venture capital

13, do not have the so-called business downturn, no matter how the situation, not to make money.

for the majority of the female entrepreneurs who, without some basic entrepreneurial experience can be said to be in the business will can’t do anything above the road, so the majority of women must timely grasp of some business and rich experience in the industry, to a trend farther.


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