Small and beautiful luosifen joined the shop is what causes such a fire

what kind of beauty can attract your attention? Is the grand and magnificent things, or clear the scene. Small make up personal feel if you have to say so, but the latter is more intriguing, the catering industry in a small brand to a chestnut. _ — small and beautiful luosifen brand

although the catering market opportunities, wealth, but to successfully operate a restaurant, in addition to brand awareness, in addition to store style stores have a unique style, you have enough product features, the menu should be enough to attract people. Small and beautiful luosifen, from the characteristics of Liuzhou delicacy, has a huge consumption of fans, but also many laid-off women entrepreneurship preferred. So the operation of such a special shop, how should we be on the menu gambling?

small and beautiful luosifen joined the shop so the fire is what reason?

1, health function menu

with the improvement of living standards, more and more people have realized the importance of a healthy diet, especially diet, diet popular in recent years, with a new business opportunity for the hotel. Brand stores in the design of health dishes at the same time, if there is a new health menu launch, will certainly play a positive role in promoting the sale of dishes.

Health care function menu

its concise and easy language introduction, the best method of nutritional value of food components and health functions, edible and precautions, can even write the main nutrient content and the human daily demand, in order to guide the guests to the consumer, not only highlights the franchise features, and popularity the health knowledge, can also read for guests and other dishes, dishes fill free time, add restaurant culture.

2, children’s fun menu

is more and more important as children in the modern family, the choice of family dining is more and more obvious. But it seldom join the store can see as McDonald’s and KFC as well as the design of various children’s Illustrated menu or single point menu, which resulted in a considerable number of children behind the strong passenger market loss. In fact, children’s menu in foreign countries already have It is often seen.

Children usually have the following

menu design: one is printed on a "with this menu on all food such as children’s intake of supply on the menu, according to the standard price discount fee"; two is to open in the official menu a "children’s Corner", printed on the children’s food supply, this kind of the food is often children’s favorite, the price is lower; three is specially prepared for children with special menu above except list of dish names, often have additional inserted into a story, a puzzle, a game, or menu folded into a cute hat or mask.


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