College students in the classroom to open a hot pot shop business ideas

Hot pot shop did not what strange, but a female students use their spare time to open Hot pot shop in the "classroom", this is a novelty, then what is it, don’t look down together with small.

a year ago, 90 female college student Nie Dandan in Lanzhou downtown business district, opened a primary school classroom as the theme of the hot pot shop, opened his entrepreneurial dream. However, the market is cruel. In a year, she did not earn much money, but the market’s efforts to make her more mature. She firmly believes that as long as there is hope!

Chengdu "Apprentice" female students opened Hot pot shop

is located in Lanzhou, Wudu Road, the hot pot shop, the door hung a sign, which reads: "three years of class two". Open the door, inside the podium, blackboard, desks, red scarf, hall of fame, awards – this is Goods are available in all varieties. at first glance, a primary school classroom. The difference is that this "classroom" on the desk, placed not textbooks, but hot pot tableware.

summer afternoon, "classroom" not many guests wearing a red scarf, several young people are eating. The "classroom" broadcast, a children’s song for having heard it many times came: "I picked up a penny in the street……" Behind the podium on the blackboard, is a group of playful cartoon chalk. The platform after the wall, there are 8 red characters: Study hard every day.

Hello, welcome you to the third grade class two, I was Nie Dandan Nie Xiaoqian’s "monitor, Nie", "Dan" red flowers……" A girl with a ponytail came up.

Nie Dandan was born in 1990, from Huixian, is the head of a Hot pot shop. In June 2013, after graduating from a university in Jiangxi, Nie Dandan chose to work in a company in Chengdu. That summer, the little girl loves to eat Hot pot, almost traveled to Chengdu Chibian greatly "high streets and back lanes, small Hot pot".

"if only I could have a hot pot shop!" Nie Dandan put the idea to tell her two shows: Yang Xueping, Wu fan.

Xue Ping was sophomore, Wu Fangang just went to college. I just said, they have expressed their support." From the fall of 2013, the three 90 girls by telephone, network, planning their future store.

can not blindly imitate, we need innovation, flexibility." Nie Dandan thought she had just left the campus, classroom, also think of the creation of Jay Chou, singing "three year two class": "you want to polish eyes, remember my appearance, look not too nervous, I am three years class two……"


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