Chongqing Yongchuan recognize one hundred outstanding local folk talent to promote people to get ri

Internet era, farmers rely mostly on innovation channels, but ultimately rely on technological innovation. A variety of skills to improve the promotion of folk skills, can effectively open up new revenue channels for farmers, leading employment entrepreneurship.

"I am an ordinary peasant farming, has been identified as the Organization Department of personnel, it is such an honor." In December 9th, Yongchuan District five double town village farmer Zhu Peifu was awarded the "outstanding experts said excitedly after planting.". On the same day, the Yongchuan District carefully created a special farmer award ceremony, in recognition of the region’s leading farmers employment and Entrepreneurship of one hundred outstanding local folk talent.

the classification that the local folk talent dig out

in May this year, Yongchuan District in the town of Ji’an for two years on the success of the pilot, in May this year launched a comprehensive "folk talent lead with a rich program, plans to spend two years to revitalize the private mining local human resources, promote the formation of a thick atmosphere of public business, the innovation".

in June this year, Yongchuan district held a forum to take, household survey, field visits and other forms were collected all kinds of folk and local talent to recommend more than 3100. The combination of local talent development rules and characteristics of the region, and the enactment of the folk classification of talent evaluation criteria, the local folk talent is divided into production and management, skill driven, social services 3 categories and 10 small classes, and for each type of folk talent divided into early, middle and high grade.

after field verification, more than 3 months, the results of identification and evaluation skills show, Yongchuan District 2193 "field experts" and "soil scholar" won the folk talent certificate.

"," no "stragglers and disbanded soldiers’ points’, is generally faced with the existence of local talent." Yongchuan district vocational skills appraisal staff Liu Zhenyi out of the embarrassing situation of local talent.

in Yongchuan District in the industry department in charge as a unit, the establishment of private local talent database, and set up all kinds of folk and local talent Association, organize a variety of skills, skills show, technical service recommendation

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