Entrepreneurial inspiration flash shop selling jewelry with the action of the inspiration into reali

female entrepreneurs, as long as the location, find their own interests, then success is not difficult. First saw Zhao Xue, she was wearing a pink hollow sleeve neck sweater, the string of green cat eye Tibetan stone necklace, and her hands on the classic Tibetan Silver Bracelet with unspeakable romantic and amorous feelings.

2000 venture inspired spring, Zhao Xue felt more and more pressure, and began to make a single point in a Chinese restaurant. Open the door every day, has been taken care of after lunch. In the afternoon and rushed to school, then came to work in the evening. The chef is University of Milan information technology professional graduate student. Wearing thick glasses for cooking every day. Zhao Xue thought that the European society is so prosperous, so the waiter is a doctoral student.

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