College students to invest in water based paint was a great success

now many college graduates choose to start their own business, to achieve personal entrepreneurial dream. However, the hardships of the road of entrepreneurship, I believe we have a certain experience, the story of the hero in the story is a step by step through the success of water-based paint business.

11 on the morning of 6 am, I arrived at the roughness of the bus station, Ni Ping has been waiting there. At first glance, he gave the impression is straightforward and capable, but also with some very bookish. On the way to the company, Ni Ping told the author, from the Sichuan University chemical technology professional graduate, originally professor also intends to leave him in the laboratory to continue to work, but also there are a lot of jobs in the city, "but may be affected by his father, I never want to get a job to find a job, always wanted to do business, and then my dad wants me to take his home yard, so after graduating from logical home." He said. Ni Ping’s father had opened the factory, the main production and operation of bicycle accessories, in the local roughness is also known.

2007 after graduation, Ni Ping listened to my father’s home arrangement took over the factory, he seems innate business can also get to play. "In fact, when the bicycle is less and less, bicycle accessories business has not done well, so in order to the factory can continue to survive, I told my father to discuss the problem of transition." While driving, Ni Ping told the author. A few months later, Ni Ping broke the original single product model, continuous contact with new customers, began to use the existing lathe for some large sun umbrella, solar water heater production accessories, find new profit point after the factory began to enter the transition period.

2008 in June, the factory built a month later, his own research and development of the first bucket of water-based paint off the assembly line. "I was so excited for days." Ni Ping smiled and said, "I feel like my own child." However, a month later, the joy was Ni Ping a cold shower, he must find a husband for water paint themselves, which were for all major brands of paint market division is completed is easier said than done.

2008 in May, in support of his father, Ni Ping to relatives and friends.

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