The total investment amount of the Tencent A round of investment in the bank and more than 200 mill

in line & sub announcement today, the company completed the A+ round of financing. Round of investment from Tencent investment. In June this year, the company has obtained A round of investment from Sequoia Capital, Chinese Jing Yuan fund, and even earlier from Zhou Yahui and Alfa of the commune PreA round of investment, the cumulative amount of financing more than 200 million yuan.

in line & sub answer founder Ji Shisan said, paid voice quiz to kill a lot of players in the hope that the basic function of the experience to do the best, there are many details need to be optimized;


expert answer "mode just on the line drops quickly asked the doctor (doctor" 100% health problems, and answer) a large coffee, "a party dominated headlines, these two products just on the line, there are a lot of optimization space.

is in line with & has been founded for more than a year, in line with &, said the answer, I believe that the virtual value of each person’s head is priced, trading is a growing trend and business opportunities.

"from the" one hour knowledge trading "to the" one minute knowledge trading ", we have been exploring a richer form of knowledge packaging."

at & points out that this year, the field of opportunity has gradually been more team consensus, the growing trend shows that education, content, the media industry is merging;

knowledge network will appear a large number of red, with the realization of personal knowledge, more detailed, more on-demand, more dynamic forms of knowledge will continue to evolve."

Ji Shisan believes that by connecting professionals in various fields, to provide them with a more convenient sharing platform and tools, the future will be in a better way to get their knowledge and information.

Ji Shisan also said that in line & sub round of financing will be more input to the product and the user experience iteration, the construction of knowledge network red, brand promotion, etc..

Xia Yao, executive director of Tencent

investment department, said: Tencent is very optimistic about the broad prospects of the field of knowledge sharing, the field can be a good complement to the formation of Tencent and synergy. The team has a very deep understanding of the knowledge sharing, with excellent product innovation ability and platform operation ability.

Xia Yao said that knowledge sharing is a long-distance race track, the future there are a lot of evolution and expansion of space, I believe in & sub will become one of the most important platform for knowledge sharing in china.

Sequoia Capital China fund partner Zheng Qingsheng said: the realization of personal knowledge of the business model, is the essence of decentralized demand for decentralized supply, the Tencent to join more conducive to the popularization and the scale model.

Zheng Qingsheng said, based on historical experience, any kind of decentralized decentralized model is more need to brand and operation details accumulated in time, I believe the team from shell to gene will help to answer points.


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