The implementation of the new regulations online shopping merchants refused to refund the goods has

yesterday, "3· 15 judges reporters into the community activities into the ASE square, site for the public fund. Chongqing morning news reporter Gu Xiaojuan photo Chongqing morning news reporter Liu Chun today, online shopping goods opened can still return. The State Administration for Industry and commerce "measures" against the punishment of the rights and interests of consumers today formally implemented, upgrading of consumer online shopping 7 days no reason to return the right has been opened, "not as a reason to refuse to return, deliberately refusing or delaying return businesses will be the highest 500 thousand yuan penalty.

online shopping goods unpacking can return

"measures" provisions, operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, in accordance with the law shall bear no reason to return the obligation. The operators have the following circumstances together more than fifteen days, as deliberately delay or unreasonably refuse: for no reason to return goods, after receiving the consumer demands the return date not for return procedures; not recognized by consumers, to the provisions of the goods does not apply no reason to return, refused to return to consumers has been opened,; examine the goods in good condition refused to return; the date of receipt of returned goods without justifiable reasons not the return of the price consumers pay for goods.


operator in violation of the above provisions, in accordance with the "consumer protection law", according to the circumstances or impose a warning, confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of more than ten times the illegal income; no illegal income, impose a fine of 500 thousand yuan.

to ensure that the goods are in good condition

has been opened "can not be a reason to refuse to return the seller, but the buyer or to guarantee the integrity of goods. Reporters saw a number of electricity supplier website, return policy has a requirement, that is, to ensure that the goods intact.

Taobao, from September 26th last year, musical instruments, office equipment, commercial / office furniture, building materials, jewelry and other goods based return policy has been from the "unopened" into "commodity packaging integrity"; the Jingdong provides customers to buy Jingdong import goods within 7 days (including 7 days, calculated from the customer receive the goods the date), under the premise to ensure product integrity, can be no reason to return; return policy of Amazon is their original, and accessories complete goods, goods from 7 days from the date of service or within 30 days (depending on different product categories and enjoy no reason to return the full amount).

insiders said that the new regulations has been opened "it all should be clear criteria. For example, baby food, and other personal health products, after unpacking is not suitable for the return should be treated differently. There is now a lot of commodity packaging is very complex, has been opened in the end can be removed to what extent should be further detailed rules.

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