The success of online shopping on line suning com sounded the horn

Suning Appliance in 2008 to IBM joint development of Suning Appliance four online mall, and officially changed its name to, which lasted more than six months, after testing and continuous optimization, the new site has been successfully launched on August 18, 2009, the new site to strive for the user to create relaxed, harmonious and pleasant shopping environment for the purpose of gradually China e-commerce has become one of the most popular and influential business website.

compared to similar e-commerce site, in the background on the integration of the multi store system platform resources, not only can effectively update the website price, real-time update inventory, and the successful implementation of the intelligent function of website orders automatic processing, logistics state automatic reverse, the effective processing orders at the same time, shorten the the logistics delivery time, resulting in the quickest and most accurate time to deliver the goods to the hands of customers.

new website: to abandon the traditional mode of online shopping, the real from the user perspective, let customers achieve "one-stop service" in the real online shopping experience, users will permeate thinking habits to website system, to enhance the user experience. In terms of product sales, the dual advantage of the integration of stores and online, relying on the powerful advantages of Suning Appliance suppliers, products in supply do the above one hundred percent licensed assurance, integrating all kinds of promotional resources, realize the online shopping cheap.

in the service, the upgrade, from the original 32 city service site comprehensive upgrade to the real shopping, online shopping unimpeded, in the logistics services above, whether customers from mentioning or logistics, can be purchased in any Suning stores, fully convey the "free online shopping the concept of".

so far, launched more than a month, on the line after the effect and the existing problems, reporter telephone learned that although the relevant responsible person did not disclose sales data in detail, but from her speech is not difficult to find, although in just a few days before the line, because the system switching problem of delayed order logistics, causing customer complaints and other issues, but with the switching and optimization of the system is completed, the website with low price and variety of quite lethal promotional price, basically daily sales are rising steadily! "Already achieve the expected goal setting, we will be with our sincere service and the real price of low-cost advantages, to create the most suitable shopping platform and the most satisfactory products and services for consumers"


Suning the new online shopping platform,, Yu Suning electric relying on strong brand strength, stores strong supply chain advantage, improve the logistics distribution system, is bound to affect Chinese pattern to promote the development of online shopping, online shopping Chinese full


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