11 websites to implement negative news blackmail and impose exactions on being investigated

suspects Zhong Wei asked the police. Xuzhou police for map


criminal gangs produced fake press cards and work permits. Xuzhou police for map

news news recently, Jiangsu police cracked a series of network extortion cases, 4 gang was destroyed, there are 16 suspects, 120 case involving 27 counties in 7 provinces, involving up to about 3000000 yuan. In the process of handling cases, the police investigation to the implementation of blackmail and impose exactions on focus network today, "the focus of social network", "global view network" website 11. This is also the latest progress of the Ministry of public security to combat organized crime network special action.

web site to ask for negative sealing fee

police found that since May 2011, Jiangsu Xuzhou City Economic Development Zone, the number of units to focus network today, "the focus of social network sites such as fax or phone call claiming website reporter and editor, said written negative news of the unit, called Qian Baiping, or in the online publication. Many units in accordance with the requirements of the payment of the sealing fee and sponsorship fees".

reporter found in the Ministry of industry Web site, the focus of the social network and the focus of today’s network is the focus of weft industry (Beijing) culture media Co., Ltd. registered.

said principal "muckraking" for money

Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Development Zone police team captain Sun Rui said, the company is the case principal Zhong Wei, in 2012 the price of twenty thousand yuan entrusted agent company, is actually a shell company. Such as the focus of social network sites, he had 6, but only two web sites in order to show the formal operation, the "authority", Zhong Wei in the name card and nuclear draft letter, said the web hosting is the National People’s Congress, the Central Commission for Discipline inspection.

"it makes the victim feel more stressed." Zhong Wei said in an interview, the company and the website, is to make money through the promotion of negative issues.

verified four gang crime 120 cases

according to statistics, the social focus of the network posted a total of 8752, today the focus of the network posted a total of 7340. The police investigation, 45 year old Zhong Wei, 2010, together with others to build "activist website", fake reporters to the government, enterprises and individuals to blackmail and impose exactions on.

August 23rd, Zhong Wei was arrested by the police. Since then, the police arrested 3 similar 3 Gang Gang network blackmail and impose exactions on, the main suspect Fan Yu, Xiao Ju Jun and Zhang Caishan are associated with Zhong Wei.

up to now, four gangs have been in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei and other cities and counties in the 7 provinces of the crime from the 120, involving more than 300 yuan.


cadres reporter conspiracy crime 37 into


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