Jingdong executives interpret earnings do not intend to enter the field of service O2O

sina science and technology news Beijing time on August 7th evening news, Jingdong (Nasdaq:JD) today released the 2015 fiscal year second quarter earnings. The company’s net revenues of 45 billion 900 million yuan (about $7 billion 400 million), an increase of 61%. Net loss of 510 million 400 thousand yuan (about $82 million 300 thousand), compared with a net loss of 582 million 500 thousand yuan a year earlier. Based on non US GAAP (non-GAAP), net loss of 15 million 700 thousand yuan (about $2 million 500 thousand), while the net loss of 11 million 800 thousand yuan a year earlier.

After the

earnings release, Jingdong chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong, CFO, as well as Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu attended the analyst conference call on the earnings were interpreted, and answered the question of the analyst.

is the following analysis is the main question and answer session:

of UBS analyst Eric Sheridan: the company will introduce cooperation with the Tencent after the first anniversary, from the flow of revenue conversion? The rest of this year, from the Tencent flow will have what kind of trend?

Huang Xuande: cooperation with Tencent to get the main mobile terminal traffic, more new users from WeChat and mobile QQ. According to the company’s statistics, the two quarter of the company’s new users from the 20% applications of these two.

Shen Haoyu: the number of active users from two applications has also been steadily growing. During the June anniversary activities, also the promotion and marketing activities through these two applications, help companies gain a lot of new users. Orders from WeChat and mobile phone QQ contribution ratio is also good, but the company is currently not intended to disclose this figure.

of Barclays Capital analyst Alicia · (Alicia Yap); s: please introduce the company’s overall business strategy and O2O. How to progress in cooperation with Yonghui supermarket company? Please comment on the current situation of O2O industry competition.

Huang Xuande: O2O industry is still in the early stages of development, although the number of companies engaged in the industry a lot, but not to find the target market. Jingdong O2O business is mainly carried out physical product electricity supplier, the use of the company’s existing logistics system. Jingdong through the mobile phone applications to sell fresh products, residential areas near the supermarket and the user connected. Although the number of users is not too large, the company has seen some results. The company has also enabled the crowdsourcing network, employing thousands of part-time delivery personnel.

A part of the O2O strategy of cooperation is the company

and Yonghui supermarket, but the cooperation is a strategic relationship, beyond the general partner of O2O. At present, the company does not intend to enter the field of O2O related services. The company hopes to use their own advantages in the electricity supplier, the dominant position in the O2O industry.


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