Jingdong Dangdang once again set off a book price war


Times News (reporter Li Bin) in the book business repeatedly against Dangdang and Jingdong, has launched a spring book price war.

yesterday, Dangdang announced that from now until 15, the total of the top 400 thousand books of the audience, which is also the last year after the double, the largest scale of the promotional activities held by dangdang. On the same day, Jingdong mall start Spring Awakening all things, the book special audio and video promotions, books, audio and video 300 yuan less than $100.

Internet analyst Li Zhongcun pointed out that the book is dangdang.com which started goods, occupy half of the country in its revenues, and the Jingdong’s main 3C products, books in the Jingdong’s revenue accounted for a very small, both sides are constantly in the field of books is because both sides Sike price, hope the Department stores, platform management. To expand the trade scale, which belongs to the standard goods book price is low, it is easy to attract users to buy, to bring traffic to the site, so both sides are willing to cut the price war from books.

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