Taobao customer vertical differentiation promotion strategy launched Taobao customers, so many want to engage in grass-roots Internet business have a dream, you only need to invest little cost or no cost, use your ability and cleverness and diligence limbs, can create their own piece of the sky on the internet.

said lightweight, but it is difficult to operate. In the face of all of the passengers in Taobao webmaster grassroots, how to promote their own dream? I summed up several aspects, I hope we can get some experience, and explore new ideas, create more results.

1, to create their own platform features, a reasonable market positioning.

After Taobao

passenger platform is set up, be sure to show their features, such as low price monopoly women, target groups are students, or some low-income persons, the appropriate localization is helpful to improve the customer to rate, but also conducive to the maintenance of a small amount of database management, is conducive to the promotion of market positioning, this is the electronic commerce esteem the vertical differentiation of electronic commerce.

2, the website must have a catchy name.

if you do not have their own characteristics, simply to let others remember your site, it is a little difficult. Most of the Internet users have become accustomed to the search engine, so a good to remember the name of the site is also the most important platform for you to build.

3, the perfect customer experience.

Taobao guest platform is generally divided into the promotion of the store and a single product promotion, when you have their own reasonable positioning, so the site’s performance is also very important. Shop promotion, and find some good reputation, high credibility of businesses, but also pay attention to the choice of product rebate, but only pay attention to the interests and ignore the brand building, of course, you will be a good grasp.

The performance of

products above, should be combined with the product and the text, beautiful product picture and attractive price is half of your success. To choose a special clearer description, relatively rich product promotion. Web site is also a good customer to buy a good experience.

4, a reasonable site optimization

website optimization is also called search engine optimization. Its purpose is to make your site in the search engine has a good search results, website optimization is not difficult, more learning, more thinking is easy to learn.

5, product promotion and promotion

site is all ready, just waiting for us to promote, and how to promote it? Where to start? Here we go:

1> choose their own familiar people, you have people you know, tell them your website, best to have their own name card, indicate the product name card positioning, website name, address, contact information, payment, etc.. Your client needs to get the information he wants, and you give him what he wants

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