Electricity supplier closer to the fashion aimed at her economy mobile terminal fragmentation time

this year, double eleven before, the major electricity supplier moves constantly, but have aimed at the same label – fashion. Tmall released a series of fashion fashion strategy, provide solutions; Jingdong announced that it will expand the depth of cooperation with the "bazaar"; Dangdang also put forward a strategic slogan to the fashion of transfiguration.

daily economic news reporter noted that with the popularity of mobile phones and other mobile devices, mobile end shopping showed a high growth trend. Mobile electricity supplier is the biggest feature of the fragmentation of time, clothing and other fashion products is the most easy to generate orders and traffic category. In the face of market size of 600 billion yuan clothing, female users high growth rate in the mobile terminal, will inevitably lead to the major electricity supplier from fengeng.

"change" Dangdang do fashion electricity supplier

has always been law-abiding when, in the last half year has been in the "change" of the transmission of information to the outside world, the upgrade was renamed, new logo.

in the mobile terminal, Dangdang breath on the line three guide channel (ChicNow/Go, iWant, and Dangdang accent community) a fashion show, the young, tone.

as China’s first listed electricity supplier companies, Dangdang impression to the outside world has always been conservative movement, slow growth and constant topic. After Jingdong, Ali have been listed, the establishment of 15 years Dangdang also sit still. In fact, in September last year, Li Guoqing announced the start turned fashion electricity supplier road.

that time, Dangdang joint 30 brand new autumn and winter was first released, Li Guoqing first released its policy on clothing: the new clothing line further pre-sales time and establish the whole chain of clothing ecological chain. With the end of this year, the Department of flash purchase, the purchase of new products on the line, which build a chain of clothing sales on the road and a big step forward.

but does the book sell clothes?

"in order to further consolidate the fashion electricity supplier Dangdang officially set up the wireless business unit in April this year, personally by Li Guoqing." Zhou Honggang, deputy general manager of Dangdang wireless shopping division, told the daily economic news reporter.

to some extent, it can be said that the establishment of the wireless business unit laid the foundation for the transformation of Dangdang fashion. According to Zhou Honggang, Li Guoqing attaches great importance to this change, from jumei.com, the beauty said, intime and other electricity suppliers to dig a lot of fashion talent.

Dangdang believes that before the book is the user needs to buy, the user can not be formed at the end of the user viscosity. In the wireless side of the APP can take advantage of the user’s fragmentation time, after the user’s gender, age analysis found that clothing and other fashion products more suitable for wireless terminal.

Zhou Honggang believes that the use of mobile phone on time every day now people are more than 10 hours, most people love to see more information rather than buy, so Dangdang launched the iWant community to form a ChicNow/Go, shopping guide Dangdang accent forum buy interface. >

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