Baidu Post Bar six anniversary enable the new domain name was the only registered trademark

December 3rd morning news, Baidu post bar today ushered in the six anniversary of the birthday. According to informed sources, Baidu post bar has quietly enabled the’s new independent domain name, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce approved to become the only legal holder stick trademark.


Post Bar concept originated from Robin Li’s 2003 "search + community" product ideas, after several years of development time, especially with the help of Super Girls and other events to promote, Post Bar has become one of the most important Baidu products, known as "the world’s largest Chinese community".

on the occasion of the establishment of the six anniversary, Baidu Post Bar announced today it will be a new top-level domain name, the current access to this domain name has been directed to the original address

at the same time, according to the "trademark ownership Post Bar", Baidu says it has won the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office approved, become in the field of information technology "Post Bar" only legitimate trademark holders.

according to the data flow Alexa testing agencies, the total flow from the post bar has accounted for 14.5% of Baidu’s total traffic, second only to Baidu web search. This product created by former Baidu vice president Yu Jun and is responsible for the end of June this year, known as the father of Baidu Post Bar Yu Jun departure from Baidu.

in August 10th this year, Baidu CTO Li Yinan released internal e-mail, announced that the company was formally established Post Bar division, technology research and development, responsible for the overall Post Bar product line of product design, service, brand promotion, business model etc.. Shu Xun, former director of corporate marketing, Baidu, general manager of the division.

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