Double line business platform to avoid forbear awesome promotion

at the Mid Autumn Festival and national day double like a raging fire, the major scenic spots and even overcrowded, could not realize the freedom to and fro, it is the creation of China’s tourism industry the most visible double is absolute battlefield promotion, but the line promotional activities frequently shocking, but the line of the major electricity supplier 815 and 618 of this platform does not seem to be generous, it seems a bit hot and electricity supplier promotional misfits. Why double the arrival of electronic business platform has held what reason is this


electronic business platform false promotion was warned, Yu Bo did not quell

The double

business platform is not what action, so many consumers look through a large network procurement was lost, this not only let consumers feel strange, in fact, many industry experts also said that the electricity supplier sales suck, some people cannot read, but more people in the industry said that the electricity supplier the platform is not awesome marketing, a very important reason is that the business platform has not dare to move.

want to know 815 promotion war, so many consumers have criticized, even change the Committee issued a statement, the electricity supplier promotional war has false promotion, which makes business platform’s reputation suffered serious damage, which seems to be in a placid lake had put a stone, the aftermath has not yet subsided, and now engage in online the promotion, not very attractive, even exposed more problems in the electricity supplier, electricity supplier platform seems to have formed an alliance to practicing internal strength, repair consumer confidence.

line promotional hot, businesses focus on the online platform

this year’s double is the Mid Autumn Festival and national day together, many consumers are the same as the new year, more home to see, to read at home, but also a rare holiday also created more tourism economy, so consumers are more willing to through offline channels to the consumer, so the business to see the difference the festival and other festivals, the marketing focus on offline channels, and sales promotion in order not to affect the electricity supplier platform offline sales, so they did not put promotional information in the electronic business platform.

and even launched promotional information, can not be more shocking than offline promotions, if there is an obvious difference, but will allow consumers to question the integrity of business, so in the two election under the premise, more businesses would rather choose Offline offline promotion, which naturally led to the electricity supplier not what news platform.

business platform itself due to its need for rectification, in order to avoid the suspicion of kidnapping businesses, more is to achieve the promotion of freedom, which naturally leads to a lot of business platform of promotional information is often very small, completely not reach the effect of rectification of business platform of promotional war, these are the main causes of the double promotion business platform suck, even Taobao did not see what promotional information platform.

but experts said that in the new year may double the time.

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