Suning to push the new rules 8 the retail price of online and offline

Sina Technology Zhang Nan

to quickly reverse the line consumer shift to online consumer trend, breaking the "buy online cheap" consumer habits, Suning launched its new rules: online and offline retail price.

Suning announced that from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales will be achieved with the price of the same product with, this is the first large retailers to fully implement the line under the same price.

"and before the main short-term promotion and competition, Suning proposed price policy line is based on long-term considerations." Said Su Ning, deputy chairman of Sun Weimin Sina Technology interview, "price system the previous model has not adapt to the development of the industry, the new Internet based mode, Suning need to establish new rules of the market, the price will help to break the retail entity in the transformation of development with its own electricity supplier channels around each stroke."

at present, ranking in the Chinese business, only Suning is a traditional line of retail enterprises, for the cultivation of, starting at the beginning, Suning appeared online and offline prices are not synchronized, it was questioned outside Suning right hand each stroke.

with the popularity of the mobile Internet, consumers have undergone major changes, they can shop at any time to check the price of online, online and offline prices are already bad behavior." Sun Weimin said that the online and offline collaborative linkage will enter the institutionalization, normalization, so the store and online price integration is the trend.

Sun Weimin said, according to the planning in the construction of the group, at the same time, the company will also use Internet technology to transform the entity chain, making the past single sales oriented to sales, store, display, experience, comprehensive service upgrade function.

"price" for nearly half a year

"Suning line under the same price, neither the impulse is not prompted by a sudden impulse, the passive follow up online and offline prices." Sun Weimin said, in order to realize the online price, since the end of last year, Suning around the cloud business model, the implementation of the organization reform, system development and a series of internal change, solve three big problems in the line under the price:

first, full channel integration. from the beginning of e-commerce companies and independent online shopping channels, Suning online shopping platform for upgrade. commodity procurement, pricing, supply of original functions, classified into 28 commodity division. is facing the 28 division within the society also face suppliers, provide service platform operation and drainage. Suning 28 commodity division, while facing the online and offline two platforms, unified procurement and supply, unified sales pricing.


, full resource sharing. On the basis of commodity resources sharing, Suning online and offline in customer resources, logistics resources, service resources, data resources and other aspects of synchronization and sharing, ensure internal resources in the two platform fully to suppliers and consumers.

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