WeChat fully open after the third party statement WeChat distribution is a good business

in the first month of the Tencent’s Global Partner Conference, WeChat announced that it will open more interfaces to third party, it is believed that the independent work of the end of an era, WeChat to open, to embrace the third party. The third party is also quite welcome to open the door to WeChat, after obtaining more interfaces, the third party can develop more features, there are more opportunities for development.

today, there is a month, many recent third parties competing debut, which WeChat distribution market competition is the most intense. As the first batch of WeChat open interface of the third party, said WeChat business CEO Xu Zhangsheng privately, fully open WeChat interface, provides a lot of direction for third party development, including the development of WeChat distribution market are most third party as a fat maximum.

of course, WeChat business is also eyeing a piece of fat, but this is a wolf little more meat market, not only between the third parties to the competition, there is competition between the Jingdong and the "second party". I probably compiled under the Xu Zhangsheng thoughts on some problems, interested may wish to steal.

why so many third parties choose WeChat distribution, this is a good business?


business CEO Xu Zhangsheng: WeChat’s strategy is to connect everything, and now is on the connection, WeChat currently has more than 400 million connected real consumption ability, this is a huge resource! So the resources open to Lenovo, WeChat distribution must be a big trend, from the concept of look at WeChat’s direct sales model with prior distribution is similar, is to build the product by each independent individual sales channels, this is a very mature model. That is, the trend and mature mode, so the traditional enterprise channel distribution through WeChat is a very good move!

Comment: WeChat

is a mobile social tool, is not suitable for B2C or C2C, because both B2C and C2C are based on the business platform based on the commodity flow in a big pond, while WeChat’s social interaction through a huge jumble, commodity business platform can effectively penetrate into the stream to social relationships chain. To do WeChat electricity supplier must be a way to adapt to social relationships, so that the commodity information to the user unlimited divergence.

also want to do business and personal micro business very much, so it is very easy cause confusion in the supply chain, WeChat distribution system is to help suppliers reasonable processing supply channels, to avoid infighting between sub distributors. At the same time, WeChat distribution or a trading system, to revitalize the subordinate enterprise and distributor terminal distributors of personal system, instead of flooding the marketing circle of friends rough, improve service efficiency, micro mall, let WeChat shopping more orderly.

WeChat distribution will impact on the traditional distribution system


Xu Zhangsheng: I think it’s more accurate to say that it’s not a shock. I just said, the traditional channel distribution model is very mature, but the distribution mode and concept behind

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